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Hi, we're Green Darlene!

It’s truly great to meet you.
Why don’t we start by telling you a little bit about ourselves?

Green Darlene is a socially responsible residential cleaning service that uses ONLY eco-friendly, non-toxic products. Since 2009, we’ve provided our clients with a sparkling home while protecting the indoor and outdoor environment from harmful fumes.

The idea for Green Darlene first came to our co-Founder Cindy Bearman while she was battling breast cancer. She couldn’t tolerate the smell of regular cleaning products and worried about how they could impact her health. Not happy with any existing cleaning services or products, she and her husband David decided to do something about it by creating Green Darlene.

Cindy’s experience also motivated her and David to form Angel Clean by Green Darlene, a division of Green Darlene that provides free cleaning services to cancer patients undergoing treatment.

"House Beautiful" said that "it's no secret household cleaners contain hazardous toxins. What's most concerning is it's not required for cleaners to list their ingredients on the bottle, leaving consumers in the dark. Even those claiming to be "green" or "natural."