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Angel Clean by Green Darlene

David and Cindy Bearman founded Angel Clean by Green Darlene after Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer. “When you’re undergoing treatment, you just want to go home and go to bed,” Cindy told the StarTribune. Not only did she have very little energy to attend to mundane household chores, but she was also extremely sensitive to the odors of commercial cleaning products. That spurred David and Cindy to do some research into what exactly was in those cleaning products. What they found was frightening. Most products on the market contain high amounts of toxic chemicals that are dangerous to children, pregnant women, sensitive adults, asthma sufferers and pets.

Angel Clean by Green Darlene provides a free one-time house cleaning to cancer patients undergoing treatment. We use only non-allergenic, organic products designed to be easy on an immune system already weakened from treatment.

Cindy, a 16-year survivor, is excited to offer assistance to those whose experience she remembers all too well.

News - Cancer patients' homes cleaned for free

News video of Angel Clean by Green Darlene. (Click Here)

"I know how much better one can feel by having a clean house...it is one less thing to worry about. You have a limited supply of energy while undergoing chemo; if we can free the patient up from one chore it will give them more time to concentrate on getting better." --Cindy Bearman.